Silver King Mine A-183-28a

Mining has been an integral part of life in the Copper Triangle since 1863. The industry has contributed much to the region, but also left behind some challenges.

Resolution Copper sits on the site of the old Magma Mine, which operated from the early 1900s until the mid-1990s. While US law requires us to clean up this historic mine site once our own operation ramps up, we’re already taking action.

To date, we’ve restored almost 130 acres of the site. We’ve removed waste from the old mine, kept storm water from running off the site and into the surrounding areas, and covered historic tailings and waste rock piles with native plants, making what’s left of Magma’s operation better than when we found it from a safety and health perspective. We have invested $40 million in our land reclamation work, and by the time we’re done we will have invested nearly $80 million in the project.

We’re also pumping water out of the old Magma mine shaft, treating it at an on-site facility and transporting it through a 27-mile pipeline we constructed to irrigate 5,000 acres of Arizona farmland. Before the water leaves the plant, and when it arrives at its agricultural destination, we test the water to make sure it meets strict standards for safety. We’re proud that the project was honored with the 2010 Valley Forward Crescordia award for environmental excellence, but we’re even more proud that it’s bringing needed water to Arizona farmers.

Our focus on reclaiming old mines is making the Superior area a cleaner and safer place to live and work. We’re working to protect the community we live in and, because we hire local people to do the work, it’s creating jobs for our neighbors.