The Resolution Copper Project

Resolution Copper Mining is developing one of the largest undeveloped copper resources in the world taking shape in the area of the former Magma Copper Mine near the town of Superior, 65 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America. The Resolution Copper deposit lies nearly 7000 feet deep or five Empire State Buildings beneath the earth’s surface. With support from local, state and federal governments; businesses; and local communities, this world-class project will supply the nation with billions of pounds of copper and secure Arizona’s future by providing outstanding economic benefits.

The Resolution Copper Project requires extensive engineering, geological, hydrological and environmental studies; a comprehensive environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA); and an estimated capital investment of more than $6 billion.

The inferred resource is more than 1.7 billion metric tons, about the size of nearby Picketpost Mountain, and contains 1.52 percent copper.

Once it reaches production by mid-2020, it is expected to become the largest copper producer in North America and one of the largest in the world, supplying more than a quarter of the nation’s current demand for copper. This is equivalent to more than one billion pounds of copper per year (500,000 metric tons) for decades to come.

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Economic benefits

In September 2011, an Economic and Fiscal Impact Survey was conducted by a third party consultant. The study assumed a long-term price of copper at $2.50 per pound. Copper currently trades at between $3 and $4 per pound. All economic impact estimates are stated in 2011 dollars.

According to the study the Resolution Copper Mine will provide the following economic benefits:

  • $61.4 billion in economic value over 64 years (the life of mine) – the economic impact of an NFL Super Bowl has been estimated at roughly $500 million. The Resolution Copper Project’s economic impact would be the equivalent of hosting two Super Bowls every single year for more than 60 years. The 60+ year period includes engineering and environmental studies, construction, operations and reclamation.
  • $20 billion in federal, state, county and local tax revenues – contributing to a higher quality of life for residents across Arizona. Corporate income taxes, property taxes and severance taxes will also be significant contributors to government revenue.
  • 3700 direct, indirect and induced jobs
  • $220.6 million in annual wages

Jobs and wages will be created in the following categories:

  • Direct jobs at the mine will number about 1,430 with an annual payroll of $107.2 million
  • Indirect jobs in companies that sell goods and services to the mine will number about 935 with annual wages of about $57.3 million
  • Induced jobs, which are created when incomes are spent on items such as food, clothing and entertainment in Superior and surrounding communities, will number more than 1,350 with annual wages of about $56 million.

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Show your support

Resolution Copper Mining’s vision is to be a world class miner – creating opportunity locally, for the region and for the state of Arizona.

As of mid-2013, $1.1 billion has been invested in the project to date, which is already paying off in the way of hundreds of jobs (direct and contractors). An estimated capital investment of more than $6 billion will be needed to bring the project to production.

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