The US Forest Service has reached an important milestone with the release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Resolution Copper project. This milestone reflects years of engagement with the local community and extensive study by the US Forrest Service to shape the future development of the Resolution Copper project.

The DEIS is a comprehensive analysis that outlines the mine’s impacts to a broad range of resources and topics of concern expressed during initial public comment (scoping) including noise, lighting, visual, traffic, housing, socioeconomics, air, surface water, ground water, water quantity, water quality, land, cultural resources, tribal values and more. To address impacts and issues, the USFS has rigorously analyzed dozens of alternatives to the original mine plan proposal including different pipeline configurations, different locations for tailings, a variety of alternative tailings deposition technologies and alternative mining methods. The USFS and their third-party independent experts completed the DEIS and had extensive assistance and support from county, state and federal cooperating and consulting agencies as well as Native American tribes. The public was especially instrumental in the process by providing extensive feedback.

While the approval process has progressed, there are many more steps for the USFS to take:
The 90-day public review and comment period has initiated, which includes numerous public meetings.

  • The USFS will then respond to public comments and begin preparing the Final EIS.
  • After a Federal Register Notice of Availability of Final EIS and Draft Record of Decision a 45-day Public Objection Period will follow.
  • As the lead agency, the USFS will resolve objections to the Final EIS and Draft Record of Decision prior to issuing a Final Record of Decision.
  • You’re welcome to provide additional comments and feedback during the 90-day public comment period directly to the USFS. We encourage anyone to participate through the USFS by visiting