We continue to invest in hiring the best contractors and suppliers to help us bring our vision of a safe, sustainable mine to life.

We rely on our industry-leading suppliers to bring us products, services and expertise that helps us do everything from planning the project to creating the innovative technologies that can make Resolution among the safest, more productive mines in the world.

Among many other things, our contract employees helped build the mineshaft and equipment that takes our team safely underground, and they are working with us to clean up historic mining sites in the area and bring them back to their natural state.

The companies and people we do business with make us stronger and are truly an extension of our team. We hold them to the same high standards for safety, integrity, transparency and community that guide our own team and everything we do.

For inquiries regarding contractor and vendor work, please contact Rio Tinto Procurement Manager Bob Bunting at robert.bunting@riotinto.com or Procurement and Contracts Administrator Stephanie Ortega at stephanie.ortega@riotinto.com.

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