Our Resolution Copper project in the US is helping local students from the city of Globe take on the world of robotics.

Globe is 25 minutes’ drive east of the Resolution Copper project. The local high school, built in 1914, is the oldest operating high school in the state of Arizona.
In March, Globe Unified School District’s (USD) robotics team competed at the United States Western Regional at the Northern Arizona University, going head-to-head against some of the best teams in the US. The team won ten of 15 matches, showcasing their defensive skills, quick problem solving, and effective communication.

During the semi-finals, Globe Robotics won first place for the Innovation and Control Award. The team developed an innovative program code to allow the robot’s telescoping arm optimal measuring capability and strength while maximizing speed and control. Globe USD was not only the smallest school competing in Arizona, but they are also the smallest school in the US to win a regional competition.

After three days of grueling competition and team building, the Globe Robotics team was selected by the NASA team from Houston, to advance to the World Championship. The theme for the competition was “Destination Deep Space”. In a game of galactic football, teams created robots with special arms that could both launch rockets and defend their goals to stop their opposing team from scoring.

Despite not taking home the championship, which was held in Houston in April, the team competed at one of the highest levels and held the top defensive ranking out of 3,700 teams. The judges also announced Globe had the most innovative arm for their robot, which was designed in a way that made the robot faster and more agile.

STEM partnership
Resolution Copper began its partnership with Globe USD in 2014, with the aim of promoting STEM education in local schools through the robotics program. Since then, Globe Robotics has grown from five students to well over 200 and has encouraged over 20 students to attend higher education institutions.

“The Resolution Copper partnership demonstrates the value of STEM education. It has allowed the Globe USD Robotics program to grow and develop in our ability to compete more successfully and to provide a greater impact with local community outreach,” said Bradley Pollack, team captain, class of 2021.

“We credit our accomplishments to the wonderful partnership we have with Resolution Copper,” said Jerry Jenex, superintendent of Schools for Globe USD.
“Resolution has been with Globe Robotics since the team’s inception, allowing us to finance team growth and participation. Our thanks go out many times over to your company for appreciating and valuing the potential of our program.”

Bryan Seppala, stakeholder engagement analyst, Resolution Copper, took on the challenge of gathering local businesses and community partners to raise the funds required to facilitate the team’s World Championship participation. In one week, Bryan raised over US$21,000. These funds supported the team’s travel and competition costs to Houston.
“I couldn’t be more proud of the Globe USD Robotics program. As a team mentor since 2014, I have seen the program grow immensely,” said Bryan.
“Globe USD is the model for robotics, not only in rural Arizona but in the entire country. Resolution Copper’s partnership with the district has left such a positive impact on both the robotics program and the community.

“I look forward to continuing my role as a team mentor and watching the program’s continued success for many years to come.”
Moving forward, Resolution is exploring options for a multi-year agreement and partnership to support the Globe Robotics team further.