Dec 8, 2015

Superior, AZ: The National Mining Association (NMA) recently awarded Resolution Copper a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of its steadfast commitment to excellence in safety as a part of the Association’s Sentinels of Safety Program. Presented annually, the safety certificate is given to a mining organization that has distinguished itself in workplace safety. In 2014, Resolution Copper employees worked more than 80,000 hours without a lost time injury or illness, putting Resolution Copper on top amongst four other companies in the Small Underground Metal Group category.

“Resolution Copper is committed to building the safest and most environmentally responsible operation in the United States,” said Andrew Taplin, project director. “Our team has accomplished this milestone because safety is our number one priority for all employees and contractors on site.”

Located near Superior, Arizona, Resolution Copper is developing resources to meet the growing demand for environmentally superior copper products. Copper from the proposed project will help “wire” a rapidly growing world and drive the new green economy, powering everything from wind turbines to electric cars.

About Resolution Copper

Resolution Copper Mining is a limited liability company working to develop the third largest undeveloped copper resource in the world near Superior, Ariz. The project will mine ore using underground block-caving methods at depths of nearly 7,000 feet below surface. When in full production, the mine will employ 1,400 workers directly and generate an additional 2,300 indirect and induced jobs. The mine will be North America’s largest copper producer when in full production, capable of producing more than 25 percent of the nation’s demand based on today’s usage.


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