At Resolution Copper, we’re committed to responsible development and believe developing Arizona’s natural resources can and must coexist with the environment and our area’s rich and treasured heritage. We’re planning the project – and building partnerships – to reduce the impact mining can have and make sure our environment, communities and unique culture continue to thrive.

Responsible development means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. It means we comply with all the laws and regulations that govern our business. But beyond that, it requires a commitment to the community and our natural surroundings, and to restoring the natural surroundings once our work is done.

More information on reclamation work is available here.

Resolution Copper’s primary focus is on the safety and health of every employee and contractor and managing land and water assets in a safe and environmentally responsible manner to protect human health and the environment for our employees and local communities. Read about our HSEC policy here.

Visit our YouTube channel to see how Resolution Copper is working hard to offset all environmental impacts of the proposed mine: