When it comes to health and safety, our goal is simple: zero harm. It is and will always be our first priority.

Resolution Copper has received six certificates of achievement from the National Mining Association since 2006, and has won the National Mining Association safety award in 2008, 2009 and 2015 – and we’re committing to finding new ways to make our business, and our team, safer.

  • New employees get comprehensive training on how to work safely and manage the risks that come with the kind of work we do
  • Throughout their career at Resolution Copper, employees participate in regular safety workshops and seminars
  • We give visitors detailed safety briefings before we let them on site.
  • Across our operations, employees are trained in a specific process to identify and manage the risks that can cause fatal accidents
  • At the beginning of every shift, leaders and teams discuss safety, with specific examples of how to stay safe
  • We listen to our team and we use their suggestions to make Resolution Copper a safe place to work
  • Our two rescue teams can respond to safety issues at a moment’s notice, in the event that they are needed
  • When there is an injury of a near miss, no matter how small, we investigate and share what we learn with the entire team