Resolution Copper strives to be a good corporate citizen by working with local government, engaging with stakeholders and helping to enhance the quality of life where we operate. Our project is helping to generate social and economic benefits for local communities while working towards a mining operation that will produce the most copper in North America. Copper is a cornerstone of Arizona’s history and economy. Since 1910, the state has been the nation’s leading producer of copper. Today, 68 percent of all the copper produced in the U.S. comes from Arizona. The copper star at the center of the Arizona flag highlights the importance of the industry to the Grand Canyon state.

Copper’s impact on Arizona*

  • $4.8 billion added to the economy
  • Jobs for 52,000 Arizonans
  • Average wage, direct and indirect copper industry employees: $67,370 a year. State average: $49,820

*Arizona Mining Association, 2014 data

Arizona Mining History

Underground Mine Technician