Andrew Lye, Project Director, Resolution Copper

Andrew leads the Resolution Copper team and its work to plan and permit a safe, environmentally sensitive mine. Before he came to Resolution Copper, Andrew led the La Granja copper project in Peru. He has been with Rio Tinto since 2000 and has led operational and technical teams across the globe, working in Peru, Madagascar and Australia. He has a bachelor of science in Geology and Geomorphology from Macquarie University.

Greg Field – Project Director, Rio Tinto Projects

Greg is accountable for the underground project team and its work to plan to deepen No. 9 Shaft and commence underground development. Before he came to Resolution Copper, Greg was the General Manager for the Oyu Tolgoi Underground project in Mongolia. He has been with Rio Tinto since 2008 and in the mining industry since 1996. Greg has led operational, technical and project teams, working in the United States, Mongolia, Australia and Southern Africa. He is a Qualified Mining Engineer from the University of Johannesburg.

Sterling Hundley, Financial Operations Officer

Sterling handles Resolution Copper’s financial planning, reporting, accounting and treasury work. He has been with Resolution Copper for 13 years, has over two decades of finance experience and spent 16 years with ConocoPhillips, where he led financial reporting the company’s Risk Management and Remediation team. Sterling is a certified public accountant and holds a bachelor of science in Finance from Arizona State University.

Damian Sherlock, Acting General Manager, Studies

Damian is a Mechanical Engineer and mining professional with more than 20 years of experience in open cut and underground mining operations. He has held operational, corporate and project delivery roles. His experience includes reliability engineering and maintenance management, turnaround management, procurement, business improvement, study and construction management. He has worked on several large mine development projects for Rio Tinto including as Construction Manager for the Kestrel Mine Extension in Central Queensland, Australia and as Study Lead for the No. 9 Shaft feasibility study for Resolution Copper.

Victoria Peacey, Senior Manager of Environment, Permitting & Approvals 

Vicky manages all federal, state and local agency approvals, agreements and permits and makes sure we are sensitive to the environment and cultural heritage as we plan the proposed Resolution Copper mine and that the mine is operated in a way that preserves and protects the natural surroundings. Vicky has worked in mining for approximately 20 years at reclamation sites, operations and projects across the United States and, before she came to Resolution Copper, managed environmental affairs and permitting for a proposed mine in Michigan. She has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science and a master of science in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Chris Lilley, Manager, Health, Safety & Environmental 

We are committed to ensuring that Resolution Copper is always a safe place to work, and Chris leads our systematic efforts in this area, which is our first priority. He joined Resolution Copper in 2018, and we are benefiting from his experience in health, safety and the mining industry. Most recently, he was with the Rio Tinto Kennecott mine in Utah, which earned the National Mining Association’s (NMA) 2014 Sentinels of Safety Award.

Hesston Klenk, Manager, Communications & Communities Manager

Hesston leads a team of individuals, which is focused on developing mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships with our communities and stakeholders. Hesston joined Rio Tinto in 2003 and has worked in a variety of roles across the business for 16 years. Before joining the team at Resolution Copper in 2018, Hesston managed underground project controls at Rio Tinto Kennecott in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also served as operational support to the External Affairs team focused on legislative policy issues. Hesston holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Westminster College.

Scott Brown, Manager, Surface Operations & Maintenance

Scott leads a team of skilled operators, technicians and engineers who ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment and infrastructure at Resolution Copper. Scott has more than 20 years of experience in mining, working in Peru, Chile, Mongolia and the United States. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Randy Seppala, Manager, Underground Operations & Maintenance

Randy Seppala manages the Underground Operations & Maintenance group for Resolution Copper. He has been with Resolution Copper for 13 years. He has over 40 years of underground mining experience, working in mine development, underground construction, mine operations, maintenance and engineering. He has worked in operations and projects across the United States and in Indonesia. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Tiffany Stilgenbauer, Principal Advisor, Business Improvement

Tiffany currently leads the Resolution Copper team in driving a culture of continuous improvement. Tiffany has been at Resolution Copper since 2007 holding several positions, including Superintendent, Information Systems & Technology. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.