Our project relies on local people and businesses.

More than 300 Arizonans, many from our neighboring communities, work for us and for one of the local companies with which we do business. Resolution Copper goes local first. Whenever we can, we hire local employees and contractors, we purchase supplies locally, and we use local vendors to provide services.

As we move forward toward operational status, we’ll create even more jobs, hiring and training local people to fill them as much as possible. Our Apprenticeship Program is an excellent example of our employment approach. We’re also investing in future workforce development by providing financial resources to local schools. This includes general education funding as well as specialized initiatives such as STEM programs (Science Technology Engineering & Math) and scholarships for local students to help them pay for college courses.

Add to that the boost for local businesses, our ongoing partnerships with local contractors and suppliers, and the taxes we would pay, and you have an operation that could add tens of billions of dollars throughout production – potentially as much as $1 billion a year – to Arizona’s economy, and most of it right here in the Copper Triangle.

Economic Impact