Resolution Copper Teams Up with Local Institutions to Help Protect Native Plants

As residents of the Copper Triangle, Resolution Copper employees take great pride in our efforts to preserve and restore the areas that so many unique, native species call home. Conservation is a central part of our approach to developing one of the world’s most sustainable and technologically-advanced copper mines, and it takes many different forms.

Resolution Copper recently partnered with researchers from WestLand Resources, the Tonto National Forest, Saguaro National Park, the University of Arizona Herbarium and Desert Survivors Nursery, along with other local conservation leaders, to help produce a new visual guide to assist in efforts to identify and protect one of the region’s most unique plants: the velvet-like Pima Indian Mallow.

Only found in a handful of places in the Sonoran Desert, the Pima Indian Mallow (Abutilon parishii) is considered a sensitive species by the U.S. Forest Service.

Since its publication last year, the paper has been downloaded and referenced hundreds of times. It is helping technicians, botanists, tribal monitors and community researchers tasked with mallow identification in southern Arizona and neighboring states to locate new populations and better understand the genus Abutilon in the Americas.

“Correctly identifying and mapping plant species of conservation concern is an essential step in preserving them for the future, and Resolution Copper has been a leading partner in these efforts, not only for Pima Indian Mallow but for other federally-listed plants in the region such as the endangered Arizona Hedgehog Cactus,” said Daniel McNair, botanist and co-author of the paper.

Resolution Copper is proud to partner with local Arizona organizations and botanical researchers to help collect and publish this important information, and we will continue to look for opportunities to work alongside our local communities to better understand and protect the natural species that call Arizona their home. For more about our environmental conservation efforts, visit:



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