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Project Photos

Over 6,000 feet under ground at the Resolution Copper mine (Download)

Resolution Copper miners working 6,000 feet below surface (Download)

Resolution Copper East Plant site at dusk (Download)

Media Resources

The intricate electrical workings of the Resolution Copper mine (Download)

Resolution Copper employee operating the No. 10 hoist  (Download)

The Resolution Copper core processing facility plays a vital role in the exploration of the largest copper deposit in North America (Download)

No. 9 and No. 10 headframes on a sunny day (Download)

Resolution Copper project restored the west plant site tailings  to a bright plane of topsoil and dry riverbeds (Download)

Resolution Copper is committed to continue seeking carbon neutral pathways to offset its energy consumption (Download)

Project B Roll

East Plant Site (Vimeo)

Core Handling Warehouse (Vimeo)

Underground Electrical (Vimeo)

Project Videos

Protecting Cultural Heritage (Vimeo)

Having the Mine is important for Porter’s Saloon & Grill (Vimeo)

Environmental Commitments (Vimeo)

Meet Resolution Copper Underground Electrician Wendy (Vimeo)

Oddonetto Construction partnership with Resolution Copper (Vimeo)

Historic N9 Shaft (Vimeo)

Resolution Copper: On the Map (Vimeo)

Employee Spotlights

Tico Maduro (Vimeo)

Amanda McLane (Vimeo)

Rudy Hill  (Vimeo)

Mary Ann Bell  (Vimeo)

Jessica Castillo (Vimeo)

Ignacio Magallanez (Vimeo)

Mike Alvarez (Vimeo)

Christopher Villaverde (Vimeo)

Gordon Severance (Vimeo)

Janeane Moreno (Vimeo)

Joshua Zapata (Vimeo)

Brian Coleman (Vimeo)