Relief Efforts

At Resolution Copper, we believe we have a responsibility to help when our community is in need. That’s why we’ve dedicated significant resources and volunteer hours to local relief efforts.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have contributed over $1.6 million in relief funds to local charities and community organizations. These funds have gone towards funding personal protective equipment for frontline workers, school technology for virtual learning, and supporting shelters, senior centers, and childcare.

Local food banks

We have continuously provided assistance to the Superior Food Bank since 2007, working with the Arizona United Food Bank to donate over 233,000 meals and more than 50,000 cans of clean drinking water in 2020 alone. We don’t want any members of our community to go hungry or not have access to clean drinking water.

Disaster relief

Our community is sometimes hit with the unexpected. When the Copper Triangle suffered from devastating wildfires and flooding in the summer of 2021, we were ready and willing to help. Resolution Copper employees volunteered, and many offered a place to stay for those who were affected by the Telegraph and Mescal wildfires. The company also donated resources, including buildings and stored water supply, to assist in the emergency response. Following these natural disasters, Resolution Copper partnered with the Red Cross, Humane Society, and Superior Food Bank to donate food, water, and other supplies to evacuation centers.

Our Work

Understanding of a Unique Native Plant Species in Arizona

At Resolution Copper, we take special care to proactively minimize environmental impacts of the project and we do that in consultation

Vandalism at Oak Flat

A member of the Resolution Copper team discovered that a number of crosses located at the Oak Flat Campground had been removed from their place and left on site. We are dismayed by this disrespectful act and have notified the U.S. Forest Service of the incident.

Protecting a Unique Cultural Resource: The Emory Oak

Emory oak acorns (Quercus emoryi) are a critical component of Western Apache cultural heritage. Not only are the acorns a traditional source of food

Helping an Endangered Prickly Plant to Thrive

At Resolution Copper, we take special care to proactively minimize environmental impacts of the project and we do that in consultation

Communities receive renewable drinking water

Native American communities in eastern Arizona will benefit from a new source of clean drinking water through a project sponsored by Resolution Copper

From Milkweed to Monarchs

Monarch butterflies need mountain forests in Mexico for winter habitat, which are under pressure for competing use by tourism and agriculture. In the U.S. monarch butterflies need milkweed toto reproduce and feed, but milkweeds are under

Arizonans Support New Copper Production

New poll commissioned by Resolution Copper and conducted by OH Predictive Insights (OHPI) finds that support for a mine in the region

Vandalism at Oak Flat

We were saddened to hear of the thoughtless vandalism at Oak Flat. As a company, we have been committed to engagements and consultation with the Native American Tribes that have ancestral ties to the area. Through this dialogue

Water Use Statement

"Resolution Copper has already spent tens of millions of dollars to store enough surface water in the ground to sustain our operations for decades, which will result in a net zero impact to the groundwater when the stored water is recovered."