Women in Mining

At Resolution Cooper, women are leading efforts to support nearly 25% of the United States’ annual copper demand, providing a material that is integral to daily life and enabling the energy transition.

While mining is typically seen as a male dominated field, women at Resolution Copper are making their mark on the mining industry and paving the way for future generations of woman miners. It starts at the top with Vicky Peacey, President and General Manager of Resolution Copper, who is responsible for all aspects of planning, development, and operations related to the Arizona-based project.

Throughout Resolution Copper, women are integral to every phase of project, from geologists to engineers to administrative positions to underground electricians. Listen to some of our stories here:

Amanda has been with Resolution Copper for over six years, starting as a Geologist before working her way up to Underground Geology Superintendent P.G. Today, Amanda is a Business Strategy & Improvement Manager for Resolution Copper.

“Mining has been part of Arizona since the beginning. It helped build our state and it continues to employ many people – not just in the Copper Triangle but throughout the whole state.” – Amanda

Wendy Stanfel started as an Apprentice Electrician at Resolution Copper over five years ago. Today, she is a licensed electrician serving as Operations Support Coordinator.

“The work is challenging, it pays well, and what I like the most is that you feel like you are doing something for a purpose. Solar energy, battery energy, every new technology needs copper and we can provide it right here.” – Wendy

Once Resolution Copper receives its permit, it expects to directly employ about 1,500 workers with meaningful compensation. The project will also generate approximately 2,200 indirect jobs in the surrounding communities. Resolution Copper will continue to be committed to hiring locally and across a diverse pool of applicants.

We are #CopperStrong