Economic Impact

Resolution Copper is developing one of the world’s largest untapped copper deposits in Arizona’s Copper Triangle. Once in operation, the mine could supply up to one-quarter of the nation’s copper demand.

So what does it mean for the people of Arizona? For starters, it will create thousands of new jobs that will boost economic growth and provide taxes to fund vital services.

Let’s take a closer look.

Creating New Jobs

When the mine is fully operational, Resolution Copper expects to directly employ about 1,500 workers, paying around $134 million per year in total compensation. The project will also generate approximately 2,200 indirect jobs, meaning it could support some 3,700 jobs and $270 million per year in total compensation at full production. And the Resolution Copper Apprentice Program is training more local workers to fill these positions.

Boosting the Local Economy

Studies show Resolution Copper could produce up to $61 billion in economic value for Arizona over the 60-year life of the project. Resolution Copper will boost state and local tax revenues by between $88 million and $113 million per year, while the federal government could see an extra $200 million in tax revenues per year.

Delivering Vital Fuel for American Innovation

Copper is an essential component in mobile devices, medical equipment and clean energy technologies, and demand is growing worldwide. In fact, the World Bank estimates global copper demand could rise by 200% by 2050. Having a steady home-grown copper supply will be a competitive advantage for US manufacturing companies.

Driving the Clean Energy Economy

We’ll not only provide renewable energy manufacturers with American copper they need to build new products, but Resolution Copper will utilize clean energy to power our operations.­

Creating Local Jobs

Our Work

Resolution Copper Names Victoria Peacey As President and General Manager

A longtime copper and mining industry veteran who has served as acting Project Director since the summer, Peacey has held a number of leadership roles at

Arizona Mining Association Awards Resolution Copper 2022 SPADE Award

The Arizona Mining Association (AMA) awarded Resolution Copper the 2022 Sustainability, Preservation, and Diversity in the Environment Award (SPADE) for Public Education.

9th Circuit Ruling Statement

We understand that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has decided to rehear the case brought by Apache Stronghold. We respect the legal process and will await the 9th Circuit Court's decision.

Resolution Copper Receives Rocky Mountain Mining Institute Safety Award

Resolution Copper accepted the Rocky Mountain Mining Institute’s (RMMI) 2022 Safety Award for Small Underground Mine.

Ninth Circuit Ruling Statement

Resolution Copper notes the 9th Circuit’s decision to uphold the lower court ruling denying the request for injunctive relief. Over the past 11 years, the U.S. Forest Service has shaped the Resolution Copper project through a rigorous, independent review under the National Environmental Policy Act,

Resolution Copper partners with the University of Arizona on Reclamation

Resolution Copper has partnered with The University of Arizona since 2014 on research of revegetation methods for mining reclamation purposes

National Transportation Week: A Reminder of Our Rare Mineral Needs

Last week the U.S. recognized National Transportation Week, a time dedicated to the appreciation of our nation’s key infrastructure

Understanding of a Unique Native Plant Species in Arizona

At Resolution Copper, we take special care to proactively minimize environmental impacts of the project and we do that in consultation

Vandalism at Oak Flat

A member of the Resolution Copper team discovered that a number of crosses located at the Oak Flat Campground had been removed from their place and left on site. We are dismayed by this disrespectful act and have notified the U.S. Forest Service of the incident.