Water Use Statement

“Resolution Copper has already spent tens of millions of dollars to store enough surface water in the ground to sustain our operations for decades, which will result in a net zero impact to the groundwater when the stored water is recovered.”

“The tailings will be thickened using state-of-the-art technology to deliver the lowest water use in gallons per pound of copper produced compared to other operating mines in Arizona. The design and operations will focus on reducing water usage and minimizing evaporation. But we still think that we can do better by investing in technology over time, including through filtered tailings technology to reclaim water and more efficient reclamation efforts.”

“We recognize the importance of water for communities in Arizona and are committed to ongoing consultation, including through the process being led by the US Forest Service. From the beginning, we have welcomed input from our Native American communities, including the San Carlos Apache Tribe. Dr. James Wells, the chosen representative for the San Carlos Apache Tribe, participated extensively in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Water Working Group which rigorously analyzed all water impacts for the variety of alternative project options.”

“The EIS published by the USFS shows the project demonstrates compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, with adequate water supply for all cumulative uses in the next 100 years.”


Tyson Nansel

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