Reclaiming the Past for a Better Future in the Copper Triangle

Superior is known for its rich mining history, and at Resolution Copper we want to continue this legacy cleanly and safely.

In 2005, Resolution Copper began the lengthy task of reclaiming the site of the old Magma Mine, a fixture in the Copper Triangle area since 1910. Since the mine’s closure almost a decade prior, the site had been unused and relatively untouched. It was known as a local eyesore to the community, in desperate need of repair.

Resolution Copper began more than a decade of soil removal, and reshaping, covering and revegetating the historic tailings. Resolution Copper also restored and reestablished natural drainages for the conveyance of clean stormwater, reshaped and re-vegetated rock piles, and removed the old concentrator complex and smelter structures. In total, Resolution Copper spent $75 million over a period of 15 years to reclaim hundreds of acres of land within the footprint of the historic Magma mine site.

Noting that the company completed the reclamation project decades earlier than required by law, Superior Mayor Mila Besich said: “We’re grateful that Resolution Copper has turned this eyesore into an area that this community can be proud of.”