Resolution Copper offsets its operations with renewable energy certificates

The Resolution Copper project purchased enough renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset 100% of its electrical usage in 2020.

Through an agreement between Rio Tinto Kennecott and Rocky Mountain Power (RMP), Resolution Copper acquired 55,000 megawatt-hours of renewable energy certificates (RECs) from two wind generation plants. The transaction received formal recognition in a final Green-e verification audit report approved by the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS). Resolution Copper has also initiated discussions to purchase additional RECs to cover all its electrical requirements for 2021.

As the project progresses and energy demand increases, Resolution Copper will explore the opportunity to expand such arrangements, including with the Salt River Project (SRP) and its solar plants in Arizona. In 2022, Resolution Copper will complement its RECs by deriving a quarter of its current power requirements directly from SRP’s new 100-megawatt solar plant currently being built in Eloy, AZ.

“We’re proud to partner with forward-looking companies like Resolution Copper who are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions on a grand scale,” said Jonah Roehl, Senior Manager of Key Accounts at SRP. “Our joint sustainability commitments help create a path for a clean energy future in Arizona.”

These arrangements and agreements draw Resolution Copper closer to abiding by its net-zero carbon footprint commitment prior to the beginning of the mine’s operations. “By supporting clean energy, we will significantly reduce emissions and produce copper while lowering our carbon footprint. It’s just one of the many ways we’re working to reduce our overall impact on the environment,” said Resolution Copper Project Director Andrew Lye.

As a future copper producer, Resolution Copper recognizes its role in providing the building blocks for America’s clean energy future. Copper itself is essential to build clean energy technology, including wind turbines, solar panels, transmission lines, energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

Until the mine reaches net-zero carbon emissions, Resolution Copper is committed to continue seeking carbon neutral pathways to offset its energy consumption.

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