To safely develop the Resolution Copper deposit and deliver long-term economic and social benefits to the people of Arizona, we need access to land on the site that is now owned by the US government. This land will be directly impacted by the planned mining operations.

In 2014, Congress passed federal land exchange legislation, which gives us 2,400 acres of that land above the copper deposit in exchange for 5,300 acres of Arizona land we own that will go back to the public.

The 5,300 acres of land is home to:

  • A nature trail that winds through a mesquite woodland
  • Wetlands, river bottoms and artesian wells
  • A conservation area with 200 species of birds and 60 species of animals
  • Archaeological sites, including petroglyphs
  • Big game species like elk, mule deer and black bears
  • Destinations for rock climbers

A bi-partisan group of leaders worked with us and local communities to craft the legislation and made many changes to address concerns associated with mining in the area. Federal land exchange legislation requires us to complete and Environmental Impact Statement not only for the project, but for all the land included in the exchange.