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Women in Mining

At Resolution Cooper, women are leading efforts to support nearly 25% of the United States’ annual copper demand, providing a material that is integral to daily life and enabling the energy transition.

While mining is typically seen as a male dominated field, women at Resolution Copper are making their mark on the mining industry and paving the way for future generations of woman miners. It starts at the top with Vicky Peacey, President and General Manager of Resolution Copper

Understanding of a Unique Native Plant Species in Arizona

A specific soapberry tree, Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii, is known to only occur in Arizona. This tree, identified by its small, red berries and bright green leaves, holds cultural importance for many Native American tribes. Soapberry wood was used by Native Americans to craft arrows in the early twentieth century and the black seeds can […]

Vandalism at Oak Flat

A member of the Resolution Copper team discovered that a number of crosses located at the Oak Flat Campground had been removed from their place and left on site. We are dismayed by this disrespectful act and have notified the U.S. Forest Service of the incident.